Awakening From Emotions

Emotions are at the center of our lives. We’ve become obsessed with the illusion of finding purpose in them. We’ve reinforced our identity with their expression and repression. They are the ultimate sign of our great lack of mental hygiene. Emotions are simply our ego’s way of interpreting sensations in the body. The ego is a master at storytelling. It will connect the dots and explain every single mouvement of energy in the body with a well scripted drama rooted into our past.

Without time, emotions can’t exist. What remain are the simple sensations you are feeling. Those are real, meaning they are without filters, they are direct, alive, now, but they don’t need a name. Emotions are customized labels with heavy consequences. They are stories of the past you don’t have to tell and re-tell yourself anymore.

Awakening from emotions brings us out of the victim state. We let go of the “story of me” by catching ourselves in the moment. We observe the ego while it’s working on validating and organizing our sensations, as a triage center, dragging us out of the now, out of what is actually happening, of what we are actually feeling. Being a true observer of that twisted manipulation only for once is enough to ring the alarm. Enough to get you to develop the “reflex of catching yourself”. It’s like pulling a camera out of your pocket and instead of looking at the situation with your own eyes, you start looking at it through the camera screen. That shift in perspective is the key. It’s the pause button on life’s relentless scenarios that allows you to clearly feel and see what is really going on.

Our technologies have developed so much, our lives have radically changed in the last centuries. But what about our minds? What about our behaviour? We are still struggling our way though life carrying an antique behavioural system clashing with this new reality. It’s time for an upgrade. It’s time for clarity and awakening.