*** ANNIE  –  A story by Nicolas Huart  –  NEW ALBUM OCT 28 ***
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At the crossroad of dark, romantic, naive and profound, Nicolas Huart’s storytelling captivates. His obsession with fictional characters brings a unique dimension to his work and sparks curiosity. Huart currently lives in Berlin (Germany) and works on the production of his 5th album.



Neon Lights
August 26, 2016

Dear Annie,

There’s a parasite, settled in my brain. It feeds on my thoughts, feeds on the best of me. I see things that no one else sees, the sadness of the world, silenced by a game. When I am alone, in my room at night, when my eyes are safe from the neon lights, I see the truth. I see it glow in all its solitude, fading in and out, fragile and rare. I see how much we suffer to be so far from it.

April 10, 2016

Dear Annie,

Trying not to exist. An invisible contraction, a self-negation of the mind. There is no cure to your malaise, Annie. The discomfort of being is the cost for knowing. God knows how you've craved your innocence. Long left behind and long walked upon, there is no way back, it’s an entropic fact.

The Lost Connection
April 9, 2016

Dear Annie,

Sometimes, for a split second, I forget everything I’ve ever remembered. My head is empty like a blank white page. I can feel the need for locating myself in time and space, but the connection is lost. No data coming in. I’m floating like a yet undiscovered island, ignorant of the world. The scariest and the most peaceful experience simultaneously. It’s like being born again and starting anew, like dying in slow motion, in an asymptotic curve.

April 9, 2016

Dear Annie,

Let’s be bored again like when we were kids. Watching trains pass from the top of the hill. No time on our wrists, nothing in our pockets, we were free from the world, we were networkless. Our skins were thick and our lives were raw, there was a #nofilter tagged on all we saw. I wish I could be, sitting there with you Annie, on the event horizon of reality. Where nothing is recorded, where everything is lost, where beauty can’t be copied, dust and scratches on our knees.

The Dreamer
April 7, 2016

Dear Annie,

A well orchestrated fantasy, an unwritten story, dear Annie, I know this is your design. I am stuck in a dream and am not the dreamer. I am random access memory, retaining only temporarily. Touching the world with my numb hands, I feel nothing, I know nothing. In each instant there's a universe, complete and infinite, denying my egoic nature. I dissolve slowly in my hollow shape, swallowed with the light by my creator.

The Second Before I Fall Asleep
March 29, 2016

Dear Annie,

There’s a rupture between time and space, a divide, a long silent pause in my frenetic mind when I close my eyes at night. Just before falling asleep, there is a sense of knowing it all. A sense of having found the key to life’s biggest mystery. A breach in the fabric of reality. I can see so clearly. The universe is offering itself to me. As simple as a map, ready to be folded and taken with me. I fight to stay awake in that state. I know something important is being revealed. But I fall in the arms of the night, heavy as a stone. I’ll try again, tonight. Perhaps I’ll get closer this time.